Chestnut Hill Market 8/23

Harvest List Cherry Tomatoes Red Tomatoes Heirloom Tomatoes Cucumbers Eggplant… Okra Summer Squash Green Beans Beets Carrots Sunflower Shoots Sweet Onions Leeks Summer Crisp Lettuce Red Buttercrunch Lettuce Lacinato Kale Curly Kale Swiss Chard Watermelon Cantaloupe Fingerling Potatoes Gold Potatoes Red Potatoes Pasture-Raised Eggs

Green Bean and Tomato Sauté

When it comes to summer veggies, simplest is always best. A hot pan, a dab of butter, and your CSA share is all you need for a delicious side dish. 1/2- 1 pound Green Beans (1 share’s worth) 1 large red tomato or 1 pint cherry tomatoes 1 tablespoon butter …

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Chestnut Hill 8/16

Are you ready for the Chestnut Hill Farmers’ Market! We are on our way & packed to the brim! Watermelon Cantaloupe Sweet Peppers Green Beans Potatoes… Eggplant Kale Swiss Chard Head Lettuce Carrots Beets Sweet Onions Garlic Scallions Summer Squash Cucumbers Tomatoes Microgreens Love Pasture-raised Eggs And More!

Tomato Cobbler

This is one of my all-time favorite summer recipes. The name cobbler is usually reserved for sweet fruit deserts, but once you realize “cobbler” is just code for “topped with fluffy, buttery biscuits” you can understand why this dish is automatically amazing. The idea originally came from Martha Stewart, but I …

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Chestnut Hill 7/26

Last month, we said that summer had arrived. We were wrong. We’ll be bringing it today to the Chestnut Hill Farmers’ Market! Sweet Corn! Deliciously Sweet Watermelons! Green Beans! Heirloom Tomatoes! Red Slicing Tomatoes! Cherry Tomatoes! Basil Beets Boc Choy Carrots Swiss Chard Cucumbers Pickling Cucumbers (so cute!) Eggplant Fresh …

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Chestnut Hill 7/19

Join us today at the Chestnut Hill for a colorful display of summer! We have the cutest little cucumbers you ever did see…Cherry Sungold Tomatoes Mixed Heirloom Tomatoes French Beefsteak Tomatoes Heirloom Tomatoes Cucumbers Pickling Cucumbers Eggplant Okra Sweet Onions Fresh Garlic Summer Squash Green Beans Raspberries Beets Carrots Sunflower Shoots Scallions …

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Chestnut Hill 7/12

When the tomatoes come in on the farm everything feels that much more worth it. The storms, the heat, the blistered fingers, and the dirty faces. Join us at the Chestnut Hill Farmers’ Market and enjoy our beautiful and TREMENDOUSLY SWEET  Heirloom Tomatoes! They are in! Along with… Cherry Sungold …

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Summer Squash Mac N’ Cheese

Sure, the best macaroni and cheeses involve four gourmet types of cheese, a quart of heavy cream, a hot oven, and some homemade bread crumbs, but sometimes a box of dried pasta with a packet of cheese powder is all that stares back at you from the cupboard. In this moment, a couple …

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